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Numerology Answers – Individual Relationships > Marriage

Marriage” title=”Numerology Answers – Private Relationships > Marriage”>

Which Year I’ll Get Married

When will I get married and on which year?

Marriage Date, Zodiac Sign, and Initial Letter

What will be my marriage date and which will be the zodiac sign of my fucking partner or initial letter of his name?

The Year I Will Get Married

When will I get married? What year?

Re-Marriage Date

Hi, my fucking partners name is [name liquidated], his birth date is [date liquidated], his birth place is [place liquidated]. My name is [name liquidated]. We were married on [date liquidated]. The marriage date was not that fortunate, since it counts 8 (we were coerced to do our marriage on that date, becoz of our parents). So we both are in need of a fresh marriage date to begin our life. Plz suggest a marriage date for us on any of the months, which suits our numerology. Please do reply.

Best Date To Marry

What is the best date to marry [birth name and birth date liquidated]?

Marriage Date Questions

When will I get married?

Getting Married Late This Year

We are planning to get married late this year. This is year 6 for me and year 9 for him. Is it ok to get married this year or shall we postpone till next? Thank you.

When I Get Married

When I get married, is it possible this year?

When I’ll Get Married

When I’ll get married.

Best Marriage Date Within the Next Few Weeks

I would like to know what would be the best day for my beau and I to get married within the next few weeks. [name and birth date liquidated]

Will I Get Married to This Person?

Will I get married to [name liquidated] born on [date eliminated]?

Two Guys Have Proposed to Me

Am doubting inbetween two guys who have proposed to me. One is [name liquidated]. He was born in [date eliminated]. And the other is [name liquidated], born in [date eliminated]. Please help me find out which of them is my soulmate.

When Will I Get Married?

Hi, I wish to know. When will I get married?

Compatible Enough To Marry

My bf’s bday is [birth date eliminated]. Are we compatible enough to marry each other?

When to Pop the Question

I like one dame. When would I pop the question within next two months from today?

Effect of Fresh Married Name

I am married and will be switching my name to [name liquidated]. [name liquidated] is my mothers name and [name liquidated] is my husbands surname. I am worried that my name switch will not be suitable for me. I have been reading articles online and most of them say name switches can actually bring negative qualities. None of them give advice on how to know if you are making a name switch that will benefit your birth name. I do not want to switch my last name if it means switching things for the worse. Can you clarify is this name switch would be a good idea? Thank you.

I Don’t Know My Date of Birth

I don’t know my date of birth. I chose it myself. My playmate is [name eliminated] born on [birth date eliminated]. I want to know my fate and if we will marry and live cheerfully.

Marriage on a Master Number 11 Date

My fucking partner and I have determined to marry on [date that calculates to] Master Number 11. What exactly does this mean for us? His name is [name eliminated] and his dob is [date liquidated].

Estimate Date and Year of Marriage

When I will get married, the date and year estimate.

Best Times to Get Married

[names eliminated] When is best times to get married? Thanks.

I Want to Know When My Wedding Will Be

I want to know, when is my wedding will be? My boy friend name is [name liquidated] His date of birth is [date eliminated]. Please give me the age or year.

Is October 22 or 23 Good For Marriage?

Hi, I would like to know if the date 22 or 23 October [this year] is good for marriage or what date is best in the period Eighteen October – 15 November [this year]. My bf’s name is [name eliminated] and his birthdate is [birth date eliminated]. Thanks.

Best Date to Get Married

My fucking partner and I are planning to get married on [marriage date liquidated]. Is it a fortunate date for a wedding? If not, what would be the best day for us? My playmate’s name is [name eliminated] and his birth date is [birth date eliminated].

Marriage Date Calculated From Birth Date

When I will get married according to my birthdate?

Benefits of 9 Marrying 7

What are the benefits in number 9 marrying number 7?

Soulmate and Marriage Next Year

Will I find my soulmate and get married next year?

The Age I Will Get Married

My birth time is [time liquidated] and birth place is [place eliminated]. I have read your many articles. I liked them. You have so vast skill of numerology. Therefore I am asking you one question out of my curiosity. I dreamed to know tell which age I will get married as presently I am searching for my soul mate. And how will be my soul mate. Waiting for your positive reply.

Want to Know All Things About Spouse

I want to know all things about the personality of my hubby.

My Marriage Date or Year

I want to know my marriage date or year.

Marriage Date Prediction

My marriage prediction with your marriage date predictor gives the exact match for all the month and year with my fucking partner’s marriage date predictor. What does it mean? It is said that if it is determined then marriage happens anyhow, even if before marriage those two persons are unknown to each other. Presently I am facing a lot of problems and I am worried about this too. Please guide me. Playmate’s utter name: [name liquidated] Fucking partner’s date of birth: [date liquidated]

Best Marriage Date For Us

I need to know the best date and time for my marriage. My playmate’s name- [name eliminated] date of birth- [date eliminated]

Will We Remain Gladfully Married?

[playmate birth date and name eliminated] We have been together Ten years. I officially and legally switched my name to [fresh name eliminated] in 2008. Will we remain joyfully married?

Searching For My Soul Mate

My birth time is 1988 and birth place is Mumbai. I have read your many articles. I liked them. You have so vast skill of numerology. Therefore I am asking you one question out of my curiosity. I desired to know tell which age I will get married as presently I am searching for my soul mate. And how will be my soul mate. Waiting for your positive reply.

Unacceptable Divination

I want to marry my love who is a year elder to me, but some astrologer told me that I will be marrying a lady who’s not elder to me. I want to marry her and no one else. Tell me the solution to this.

June Nineteen Marriage Date

[betrothed name and birth date eliminated] Is June Nineteen a good day for us to get married?

Want to Marry Very Swift

Now I’m 31yrs old. I want to marry, but it is so late. So I want to marry very prompt. I want to know my marriage date. Please, please response me.

Is This Marriage Healthy?

Is this marriage healthy? Are things improving for the better? Is this my Soulmate? Is he truly switching for the better? Are we going to stay together?

Compatibility as a Married Duo

My fucking partner [birth name liquidated] is born on [birthdate eliminated] and [birth name liquidated] is born on [birthdate liquidated]. Are they compatible as a married duo? Is the relationship going to last forever?

Fortunate Marriage Date

[fiance’s name and date eliminated] Hi I was wondering if you could tell me our fortunate love numbers. We are freshly engaged and would like to pick a date that is a fortunate or a love number. Thank you.

The Name of My Fucking partner

I want know what is name of my playmate? When I will be married? Which month and which year? [birth data eliminated] I want to married and I don’t have a playmate. I want to know I will be married with a masculine and when? My marriage is too late. Please tell me the truth.

Should I Prepare Myself for a Single Life?

I had few brief term relationships but none that got me to marriage stage. Will I ever get married or should I prepare myself for a single life.

Will I Ever Have a Married Life?

Will I ever have a married life? I never had any beau. Non of private relationship succeeded.

Is He Faithful?

[birth name liquidated], [birth date liquidated]. What can you tell me about me and my fucking partner [name liquidated]. We have Two babies. Is [name liquidated] faithful. What’s a good house number Four us.

Not Blessed In My Marriage

We got married the arranged way on [date liquidate]. I have loved him ever since that day. I still do. He is indifferent towards my emotional needs. Almost cold. Our relationship has been indeed formal with him dictating the terms. My opinion isn’t considered significant. Also he’s a excellent mama’s boy. We fight on almost every 2nd day. I am living with my parents since the last one year. They are persuaded he’s not the kinda boy who would keep me glad. Even I think logically they are right and I should divorce him to save myself from misery. But I still find myself thinking about him and feel sad. I want to know if my marriage will last? Is he going to switch? Does he love me or is he worth waiting? Do I have a future with him? If I divorce him, is there a marriage on the cards for me again? My hubby’s name is [name and birth date eliminated].

Will I Remarry My Ex-Husband?

Will I remarry my ex-husband? His name is [liquidated] and he was born on [liquidated].

When Will We Get Married?

When will we get married? Fucking partners info- date of birth – [date of birth eliminated] name – [name eliminated] We are in a strong relationship for past Three years but its fairly uncertain on when we will actually be getting married. Please let me know willingly.

Will Our Relationship Convert Into Marriage?

My bf [birth name eliminated] his date of birth is [birth date liquidated]. I want to know that our relation will convert into marriage or not?

Liklihood Of Marriage To A Specific Person

I just want to know my marriage date and is it arranged or Love. Actually I love someone whose name is [name liquidated] and her DOB is [birth date omitted]. I want to know that will I marry her.

I Want To Know That I Will Marry Her

I just want to know my marriage date and is it arranged or Love. Actually I love someone whose name is [name liquidated] and her DOB is [birth date eliminated]. I want to know that will I marry her.

Is it possible to know time of marriage?

I would like to know, about my marriage prospect, is it possible to know time of marriage, and about the person with whom I’ll get married, thanks.

Can Our Marriage Get Better?

I am married for last Ten to 11 months. I just can’t adjust with my in-laws and my hubby. Can it get better or will the relation get split? His birth name and birth date is [omitted]

Are We Compatible Enough?

I would like to know if my beau and I are compatible enough to have a glad, healthy, successful life and marriage together. Thank you!

I Want A Very Blessed Married Life

My question to you is regarding my love and marriage. Actually I’m in love with someone and want to marry him. We want to marry without any problems in our family. We can’t live without each other and know that we’ll live a very blessed married life so please help us in making both one soul and tell us about our marriage life.

The Future Of Our Marriage

I would like to know what future to expect while marrying him since we are to get married in July and it has been postponed a lot due to many reasons. Please help.

When will I get my real love?

My question is when I will get my real love in which year what kind of person is he. Please I am very desperate to know?

Will I get remarried?

When will I get remarried?

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